The Wolf Spits Acheron

by Ilmasai

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Third album from Little Rock thrashgrind band.


released June 24, 2014

All music written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ilmasai. All art by Raf Gallaher



all rights reserved


Ilmasai Little Rock, Arkansas

Ilmasai are a pair of young heathens that like to evoke the darker emotions and tell stories through sonic assault.

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Track Name: Ghost Dancer
Can we dance our way out of damnation?
We are all going to Hell
Just like every mantis feasts on its mate
Dementia rules us all

You'll be a ghost dancer one
Shaking to the tune of Death
Listen to her play
She is the master snake-charmer

Weave and pulsate to her spell
Ecstasy is granted only in delusion

A prescription is only addictive
Price set by Death
The atheist's sacrament
Now give your tokens
To the Ferryman
Track Name: The Wolf Spits Acheron
My path is drenched in the scent of fear
It is the most wretched flower of the underworld
Present in every man's soul
Just to make it easier for hellhounds to take down

Easy to follow
Easy to track
Easy to overcome
And sink my fangs into my back

Bathe in the disgusting wake of Acheron
Allow the water to drown your will to fight
It is the venom of a black hound
A different part of you mind you can't control

And it rips you down
From your peace
And then drags you down
In the Acheron

Stalker of my sanity
I am my hunter and my prey
Separate from the pack
It's the wild I crave
Track Name: Phantom Limbs of Arachne
Asphyxiating memories of confused adoration
Incense hangs in the air like a tattered, abandoned spiderweb
I almost feel your presence now
Like an assassin too proud to stay hidden

But you're not there
And I never knew you
Strangle me, phantom limb
Shove enough proof
Down my gut
Make me vomit at your
Stitch yourself to my armless torso

Stitch yourself to my armless torso
Weave with the silk you punish me for
Needles of spirituality break on my skin
Take the casts of first
Expose my unglorified, shriveled carcass
I'm not afraid of anymore make believe pain
Track Name: Blistered Tongues from Eating Coals
Children of hubris play with matches
Commit arson just to play in the smoke
Smoke entangles us in a misleading embrace
Ashen funeral parade blows away

Now you burn

And now our mothers wish we had been stillborn
And been delivered with broken bones
But here we stand, with blistered tongues from eating coals
And chewing out our own tombstones
Track Name: Becoming the Cockroach
Dry have the rivers of virtue run,
As the pestilence of negligence consumes.
A growing sore on the face of humanity,
But surgery is only temporary, open wounds becomes infected.
Idealism has grown malignant,
Like immortality and the preservation of self.

Bloodlines are turned to hubris

Detachment from humanity in exchange for a flourishing opulence.
Diffusion of such ideals a virus excelling.
Society festers, sick with aspirations of individualism.
Cesspool is our habitat, destruction our niche.
Awaken the age of becoming the cockroach.
Track Name: Isolated Incident
I can see that my actions have disturbed you
They have shocked you into disbelief
Remove me from my pedestal
The concept of personality was not misled
But why do I feel this remorse
Memories flash into my vision, a constant distraction
And I will die differently
Excused from all honor, and riddled with pain
A chamber for emotional extermination
Keep me from those who have earned this
I would cross oceans, and traverse every sky
For a chance to see you back on your feet
My actions, a disaster, a story to tell
Of squandered opportunities
Track Name: Box
Lying here in a box
Ignored leftovers of human
My new home goes trampled upon
Every now and again a deranged couple
Makes love on the grass

In front of my face
I would have more fun myself
If the rats and worms
had left my softer tissues in tact
Track Name: Stray Dog
I am a naked wanderer of polluted streets
I am hungry and swallow broken teeth
Fleas are my conscience, gnaw between my ribs
Drunk on pathogens from fermented worms

I stalk all my life, going from tower to tower
I walk into rooms of greed during the witching hour
My mind suffers the breath of the darkest shadow's sigh
My only escape is to find a way to die

Tie the noose around my neck
The only final judgment is the one inside my head
Bruise my flesh, crush my throat
Now voice is gone and freedom's found with a rope

The windows of awareness
Slam shut and shatter
Glass cuts my body free
But I can't unsee
Dead pastures starving flocks
Wolves go hungry
Serpents swallow themselves
And the vultures thrive